Wedding Trends for 2016 continued…

Greenery and Foliage

Lavish greens! Similar to the woodlands theme, you’ll be seeing the use of lots of lush foliage to give textures and a romantic, rustic feel bringing the beauty of the outside, indoors. Combined with cream, peach and pastel colour flowers, this theme is ideal for decorating barns and stone heritage venues.

Foliage will be used as long table runners on bench tables, arches, garlands, focal spaces, place settings and hair garlands.

Brides and bridesmaids bouquets will be loose and wild looking with lots of foliage textures, often including herbs and succulents.

With this theme you will see burlap trimmings, wood and tree cuttings with lots of candles.

Wedding Trends 2016 continued…

Woodlands Fairy Tale

Magical, sparkly, romantic with elaborate swings, tree arches, staircases and lots of petals, lanterns, fairy lights and candles.

Brides bouquets will look loose and wild like they were picked from the ground with berries and foliage. Hair garlands for brides and bridesmaids will be popular with this theme.

Long bench tables with moss or foliage table runners. Using deep and earthy colours like forest green, brown and burgundy for dramatic effect with the softness of cream and white, fluffy flowers within the textures of ferns and twisted willow with lots of candles, will create a scene from a storybook.

Wedding trends for 2016

Behr and Pantone have forecast this year’ 2016 colour trends and because it’s that time for Brides to start planning their ‘big day’ I thought I would share my expectations of what themes, colour schemes and trends you’ll be seeing this year.

Blues and Peaches 

This theme brings sky and sun together as if you’re watching the sunset, giving a dreamy, romantic glow.

Different shades of grey along with peach, soft pale colours with a contrast of blue will be making an appearance this year. Blue flowers such as thistle, succulents and senecio will be grouped with soft peach flowers such as the beautiful David Austin ‘Juliet’ rose.

Grey or navy will also be incorporated in usher’s suits, bridesmaid’s dresses, table cloths, napkins and chalk board signs.

This blackboard cakes make a great talking point for guests and fit the theme well with the slate grey colour.

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What a wonderful Christmas.

Now all the Christmas decorations are up and celebrations are underway, it’s nice to look back to the build up at the beginning of this month.

There were many pleased customers with wreath orders, decorating Toni & Guy is always fun and I even had a few silk flower orders, from my loyal friends at Sands at bleak house, End of the Line and for Christmas gifts.

I hope the mulled wine is ready and you are all looking forward to some well-earned time off with loved ones.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I’ll see you in the new year!

Holland- The beginning of my silk flowers

Alex (my partner in crime) and I recently took a trip to the Netherlands to meet some lovely Dutch people and to fill the van up with great products, including silk flowers, vases and pretty things. We even had some time to enjoy the delights of Holland (with canals and bikes of course) - here are some of our favourite images. 

Can’t wait to show you our wonderful finds and things i’m making. Some of the silk flower arrangements from the trip will be available in our online shop soon.



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